Feast: Your Eyes

Market Bounty

I love the Baltimore Farmer’s Market & Bazaar. It is a fantastic mashup of city and rural, local and international. Farmers’ tables with local produce are next to stalls with Thai, Mexican, and French foods under the concrete I-83. Today’s produce haul includes poblano peppers, cherry tomatoes, summer squash, Maryland sweet corn, mint, cilantro, a tiny cantaloupe, and a cucumber.

Haitian Metal Art Earrings

The bazaar features a world of art, accessories, and lots of other good stuff. I got a beautiful pair of earrings from Three Stone Steps. They’re made by Haitian artisans out of recycled 55 gallon oil drums.

I think they go with cherry tomatoes and zucchini quite nicely. Don’t you?

I’m looking forward to cooking with all these great vegetables. The mint is going into a simple syrup for cocktails. I see a salsa in the near future. So much food, so little time…

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