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Pu$$y Power Cocktail
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My friend Tipsy Tiff asked me to make a cocktail to go with her podcast episode about self-love. This cocktail is strong, sweet, and sexy.

Special Equipment (affiliate links):

Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Glass

Ice Ball Maker – These little ice spheres are less likely to water down your cocktail

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  1. This purple unicorn 🦄 bartender is soooo Dopeee! I asked her to make a drink to empower the theme of self love and expression for Pu$$y Power. She developed this amazing drink. I made this drink before recording the podcast and you can hear the impact of the drink 🍸 on my voice and excitement. This drink 🍸 is magnetic, tasty, powerful and strong like the name. Great work! I cannot wait to make it for my guests on the next episode of the podcast! 😘😘 I dare her readers to be bold and repost! #Pu$$yPower

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