I have been trained in culinary school and tried by fire. I have wielded my knives and hot pans in many a restaurant kitchen. Now I’m going to share the knowledge I’ve gained to help you eat well.

cookdrinkfeast.wordpress.com features recipes, wine reviews, restaurant reviews, and whatever else in the food world I think you will find interesting. Butter, alcohol, and salt are a few of my favorite things. But I also include healthful swaps where they make sense.

Join me on this culinary journey…


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  2. Hi Lovely,
    My son was doing a research project on Food and Fashion trends in South Africa and wanted a little survey from people connected with food and fashion. Is it okay if I take the liberty of asking you if you could help. If you have even a little idea of the general trends and tastes, you could help us. If it is a yes from you, I will forward the survey questions.
    Thank you
    Love and regards

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