Feast: Beefalo Bobs Carryout

Beefalo Bob's Pit Beef and Ham

Beefalo Bob's Pit Beef and Ham

Beefalo Bob’s Carryout
107 Mountain Road. | Pasadena, MD 21122

If you (like me) are not from Maryland, this phrase ‘Pit Beef’ may perplex you. Pit beef is a top round that is grilled directly on charcoals. It isn’t done via the ‘low and slow’ method that is the signature of most styles of barbecue. When done right it’s charred on the outside and juicy on the inside.

Sliced thin with a deli-slicer and piled on a bun, pit beef can make a roast beast sandwich hang its head in shame (I’m looking at you — Arby’s). Typical condiments are horseradish, mayonnaise, ‘tiger sauce’ (a combination of horseradish and mayo), mustard, barbecue sauce, onions, lettuce, and tomato. Most Marylanders will argue that the ONLY condiments should be onions and tiger sauce. I agree.

Beefalo Bobs Carryout

Some friends told me about Beefalo Bob’s Carryout last year. Sadly it was closed for the better part of a year for renovations. Finally, I noticed signs of life. The lights were on and smoke billowed from the chimney on top of the building.

Beefalo Bob’s Carryout is bare bones on the inside. There is a counter, and just behind the counter is the pit. The term pit belies the deliciousness that resides inside. Hunks of pit beef, ham, and turkey are roasted over hickory wood. Beefalo Bob’s also features barbecued baby back ribs and chicken. Deep-fried goodies such as hand-cut fries and fried pickles are also on the menu.

I chose ham and rare pit beef on a Kaiser roll with sliced onion and tiger sauce and an order of fries. The meats are sliced to order. I couldn’t help but exclaim, “That’s beautiful!” when the young guy behind the counter picked up a perfectly rare hunk of beef and sliced it. It was a busy Friday night with a line to the door so he did not have time for my shenanigans. 

I rushed home with my bounty and dug in immediately after pouring myself a cold beer. The fries were hot and crispy. It should be noted that Beefalo Bob’s also offers gravy for their fries. French fries with gravy are another Baltimore thing. It’s kind of like poutine without the cheese curds.

On to the main event. The pit beef was minimally seasoned. The ham provided the bit of salt that the beef needed. All of the meat was juicy. The ham reminded me of a southern Easter dinner. The bite of the onions and tiger sauce were a perfect counterpoint to the rich meat. Beefalo Bob’s does pit beef right.

 Have you tried pit beef? Did you like it? Where do you go to get your pit beef fix? Let me know in the comments!

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