Millstone Rhuberry : Wine Wednesday Review

Millstone Rhuberry

Millstone Rhuberry


Millstone Rhuberry
Strawberry, Winter Banana Apples, Rhubarb
Monkton, Maryland
Price: $16.00

Millstone Cellars  teased me all through strawberry season with their Facebook profile picture. The picture of flats of strawberries was to herald the imminent arrival of their Rhuberry Cider. Alas, I had to wait until late June for the opportunity to snag a bottle.

Rhuberry is made from ‘winter banana’ apples, strawberries, and rhubarb. The cider was aged in oak. The result is a dry, sparkling cider. The color is a pale gold with a slight tinge of pink (The pink may or may not be in my head. But I’m going with it). The nose is floral with a faint hint of strawberries. This cider is crisp with a hint of strawberries in the finish. It was a perfect foil for pan-fried swai and squash casserole.

Rhuberry Cider is a limited release from Millstone. I recommend picking up a bottle while you still can.

So what’s in your glass?

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