Drink: Blackberry Mint Fizz

Blackberry Mint Fizz

I’m coming up with more uses for the mint syrup  This recipe is a play on the Blackberry Tom Collins recipe by White on Rice Couple. I think the mint plays nicely with the lime and blackberries. And yeah the gin doesn’t hurt either.

Special equipment: Collins glass (or any tall glass), muddler

Blackberry Mint Fizz

About 10 blackberries
Juice of half a lime
.75 ounce mint syrup
1.5 ounces gin
Ice cubes
Club soda

  1. Combine blackberries, syrup, and lime juice in a Collins glass
  2. Use a muddler or a spoon to mash the blackberries
  3. Add gin and stir
  4. Add ice cubes and top with club soda
  5. Enjoy!
  6. Repeat (Responsibly)

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  1. Hey there, I found your space. Looks good. I think I will probably try the “drink” section of your blog out first and slowly venture into the food. 🙂

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