Drink: 2008 Earth, Zin & Fire

Earth, Zin & Fire2008 Earth, Zin & Fire
Lodi, California
Price: $15.99

I usually steer clear of wines with gimmicky labels. They usually aren’t very good at best and horrible at worst. But this wine had a gimmicky label and a clever name. Earth, Zin & Fire. You know — like the band?

The wine is deep purple in the glass with tinges of brown. The nose has cherry, tobacco, and a hint of mint. It is medium bodied. This old-vine Zinfandel has notes of cherry and raspberry on the palate.

I found this wine to be quaffable. However, at this price point I expect more junk in the trunk. It was not a bad wine. Just not my style of wine.

Pair this wine with a burger or pizza.

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