Drink: 2015 Maryland Governor’s Cup

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This year’s competition consisted of 157 wines. There were four tables with 5 judges each. Each table judged about 40 wines. The wines came out in flights. We judged the wines individually on a medal system that ranged from “No Medal—not commercially acceptable” to “Gold Medal.” After we judged a flight individually we would then come to a consensus at the table for each wine. If we could not reach a consensus, we could send the wine to another table for judging.

Flight 1: Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio

 Flight 1- Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio

Flight 2: Aromatic White Varietals—Dry

Flight 2- Aromatic Whites - dry

Flight 3: Aromatic White Varietals—Off Dry to Semi-Sweet

 Flight 3- Aromatic White Varietal - Off Dry to Semi-Sweet.

Flight 4: Dry Rosé (from another table)

 Flight 4- Dry Rose (from another table)

Flight 5: Meade

Flight 5 - Meade

Flight 6: Rosé—Off Dry to Semi-Sweet (from another table)

 Flight 6 - Rose - Off Dry to Semi-Sweet (from another table).

Flight 7: Red Vinifera Varietal 

Flight 7 - Red Vinifera Varietal

Flight 8: Meritage Blend (from another table)

Flight 8 - Meritage Blend (from another table)

Flight 9: Chambourcin Blends

Flight 9: Chambourcin Blends

Flight 10: Petit Verdot

Flight 10: Petit Verdot

Every wine that was awarded a gold medal by the individual tables went on to the Governor’s Round. This year we had 44 wines go to the Governor’s Round. Each judge tasted all 44 wines and picked out their top 5. The top 5 must be ranked in order.

In years past the Governor’s Round was presented all at once:

Governor's Round 2010
This is the Governor’s Round from 2010

This year, the Governor’s Round came out in several fights. We held aside glasses from each flight that we thought would make it to the top five. We would narrow down from there.

This is the last flight from the Governor’s Round.

 Last Flight in the Governor's Round

As always, it was a rewarding day and I learned a lot. And I’ll be staying away from wines for a few days while my tongue recovers.


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