Ruta 22 Malbec : Wine Wednesday Review

Ruta 22 Malbec


Ruta 22
Price: $11.99

You know I like my red wine to have junk in the trunk. Malbec—especially Malbec from Argentina—has junk in the trunk. Ruta 22 is no exception. It is deep purple in the class. The nose yields cherries and blackberries. This wine is jammy and round. The palate reveals ripe fruit with a touch of oak. This easy drinking wine plays nicely with lean red meats, dark poultry, funky cheeses, and mushrooms.

I’m really trying to make junk in the trunk an oenological term.So folks, when you  have a big, bold glass of red take a sip and say, “This wine has junk in the trunk”.

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  1. I wish wine reviewers used jargon like “junk in the trunk” more often. :] Sounds like a delicious wine. Will definitely try.

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