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Greg's Bagels

I usually post a picture of the food I’m writing about. But — I ate it before I even thought about posting a review.

You know how people say, ‘Good morning. How are you?’ And you know how you usually reply ‘I’m well. How are you?’ Well, that morning, I found myself replying, “I had a great bagel!” This isn’t exactly what you’re supposed to say. I mean, it doesn’t really answer the question — does it?

Except in this case — it kinda did. I had a great bagel. Therefore I was doing great. It made perfect sense to me.

The bagel that made my day great came from Greg’s Bagels. This classic bagel shop is located at 519 East Belvedere Ave. Baltimore, MD 21212 in Belvedere Square.

This place is old school. The sign at the register says that they accept “Cash and Rolex Watches Only” as payment. Fresh bagels are displayed at the counter behind Plexiglas. On the wall behind the counter is a really long chalkboard with a list of the different types of smoked salmon available. But pay attention to the pieces of paper taped to the Plexiglas too, as they list additional varieties of smoked salmon as well as other toppings not listed on the chalkboard or menu behind the counter.

I got a toasted whole wheat/sunflower/flax-seed bagel with cream cheese, capers, and Moroccan spiced salmon to go. I expected the bagel to be wrapped like a sandwich, with the toppings between the two bagel halves. Instead, each bagel half was thoughtfully dressed with just the right amount of cream cheese, capers, and salmon. One sheet of waxed paper was expertly wrapped around and between the two upright halves.

The Moroccan spiced salmon, with flecks of pepper and spices, sang in harmony with the smooth cream cheese and briny capers. The bagel itself was the perfect, chewy texture.

Greg’s Bagels is definitely worth a visit. Just don’t forget to bring cash — or a Rolex.


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