Drink: Wine Wednesday Review — Lacheteau Vouvray

Lacheteau Vouvray
Chenin Blanc
Loire Valley
Price: $6.99

This is another wine from my Trader Joe’s haul. Vouvray is one of my go-to summer whites. The term refers to a small growing area in France’s Loire Valley. Vouvray wines are made primarily from the Chenin Blanc grape and can range from dry to sweet.

Lacheteau Vouvray is pale yellow. The nose yields  grapefruit, honey and floral notes. This refreshing white has grapefruit and apricots with a touch of sweetness and a bit of acidity on the finish. I really liked this inexpensive white. Pair this wine with dishes that pack a little spice, like Chinese or Indian cuisine. Or just sip it while you are relaxing.

What are your go-to summer wines? Let me know in the comments below.



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