Georges Vigouroux Gouleyant Malbec 2015

Georges Vigouroux Gouleyant
Cahors, France
Price: $14.99

Malbec is one of my favorite varietals. Typically, the Malbecs found in a wine store or on the list of a favorite restaurant are from the new world, mostly Argentina or Chile. But Malbec actually originated in France.

On a recent trip to a local wine store, I asked the wine guy (my official term) for a Malbec recommendation. He suggested  Georges Vigouroux Gouleyant. I have not encountered many French Malbecs so I decided to give it a swirl.

This wine is deep purple with glints of ruby. The nose gives red and black fruit with hints of tobacco. This wine is medium-bodied.  The palate gives red berries with an herbaceous finish. This wine is not as chewy and jammy as the New World Malbecs that I’ve come to know. Gouleyant translates roughly to lively and quaffable. This wine is definitely that.


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